Letter to the editor: Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare at risk from president’s agenda – Canton Repository


The Trumpsters are drinking the Kool-Aid. The resulting pain will come when you, the average American, are personally affected when President Trump cuts Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid by trillions to offset the tax cuts he gave the millionaires.

By doing so he has increased the national debt and will cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to make up for it. When the average Joe whose child is so desperately ill and relies on Medicaid to provide medical care or his parent is in or going to a senior living facility and they are moved to a greater level of care and the cost is increased substantially, and Medicaid can no longer support them, then you will realize exactly the kind of man Trump is. He is a hollow shell of a man, without compassion, honesty or any interest in serving the citizens of this country. If you have put a nest egg back for retirement but still rely heavily on Social Security to live on, you will be in for a painful surprise.

Trump stated if voted out of office he will not leave and that he has the military, police and the bikers to protect him. He plans on being a dictator in office for the rest of his life. Well, fans, those three groups traditionally are not part of the 1 percent. Sooner or later, they too will realize they have drinking the Kool-Aid as well.

Trump’s idea of an emergency is the need to build his wall. It is not needed, will cost citizens who are property owners, to give up their land to eminent domain when the real emergency is that of global warming, which he chooses to ignore. Mr. Trump: In doing your so, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will suffer the consequences, as will mine and everyone else’s.



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