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Police in Fairfield County are cautioning local residents to be wary of new social security phone scams that have recently been making the rounds in the area.

The Easton Police Department issued an alert warning that opportunistic scammers have been utilizing new technologies to pose as federal officials claiming there are issues with a social security number or account.

“From time to time you may receive a call from a number you don’t know. It may be a recording asking you to call a certain number, or from a real person telling you there is an issue with your social security number, or account,” the department noted. “These calls are false a great majority of the time. The Social Security Administration will not call you, and they will absolutely not ask you for personal information.”

According to police, scams come in all types of forms, including phone calls, emails and text messages to cell phones. Police said that if one feels like the call or email may be legitimate, they should ask the person on the other end for a number to return their call on.

“Alternatively, ask to speak with a supervisor. Most importantly, do not give personal information over the phone or internet,” the department posted on Facebook. “The Easton Police Department is here to help you in situations in where you’re just not sure. Give us a call, 24 hours a day, and an officer can help you determine if the call or email is legitimate.”

Anyone who believes they have been targeted by fraudsters has been asked to call Det. Kent Lyman by calling (203) 638-0595.

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