State Debate: When they come after Social Security, remember Trump’s claim that deficits don’t matter, says blogger Ed Heinzelman –


Blogging Blue’s Ed Heinzelman notes that Donald Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow claimed that deficits don’t matter as he defended Trump’s budget that calls for yet more deficit spending. Let’s remind the administration of that statement when it comes for Social Security, Medicare and other domestic programs to reduce the deficit.

West Bend Daily News’ conservative columnist Owen Robinson is wondering who would want to live in Tony Evers’ Wisconsin. Increased taxes and more regulation will undo Scott Walker’s gains, he contends. The first examples of the new governor’s policies were unveiled in the budget he announced last week, Robinson insists.

In a column that appears on WisOpinion, Rep. Tony Kurtz, a Wonewoc Republican, accuses Gov. Tony Evers of either playing politics or suffering from a lack of knowledge by bringing Wisconsin National Guard troops back from the southwest border. Among other things, the action denies the state Guard valuable training in working with other agencies, he claims.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen congratulates UW-Green Bay for offering a new degree in water science as part of the school’s curriculum. He notes that the campus’ location near Lake Michigan and its dead zones and proximity to Kewaunee County where groundwater contamination is rampant makes it the perfect place to earn such a degree.

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Cory Fish, on the staff of the state’s big business lobby, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, says in a posting on Right Wisconsin that the legislation to end the so-called dark store loophole that big corporations are using to reduce taxes on their big box stores will be a major property tax hit for businesses and worsen the state’s business climate. He claims that it will double the taxes paid by stores like Walmart and Target because they already pay an income tax.

Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson wonders if Tony Evers’ proposals are part of a “liberal” agenda, as many in the state press describe them, or just 21st-century popular ideas and solutions. Peterson says he can’t remember the media referring to Scott Walker’s proposals as being “conservative.” Nor can he remember Walker’s “conservative” ideas ever successfully tackling just one of the state’s many problems.

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